7345 S&W M&P Compact Handguns-ASP

7345 S&W M&P Compact Handguns


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        • All too frequently, law enforcement officers have been killed in a training environment with "unloaded" firearms. Red handled weapons become indistinguishable from live firearms when held in the hand. Aluminum castings are heavy and cannot be distinguished from stainless weapons at a distance.
        • The Red Gun Series is lightweight and readily distinguishable as a training weapon.
        • In addition, the extreme detail and precision manufacture of these training devices allows their use in weapon retention and holster security drills.


        • The Red Gun Series is ideal for all types of scenario training.
        • The precision fit allows their use with duty holsters.
        • Red Radios and Flashlights are valuable additions to sudden assault training on the firing line.
        • The flexible Red Knife allows officers to rehearse responses to edged weapon attacks.
        • The Red Gun Series can also be specially produced to the exact weight of a loaded duty firearm.

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