About Us

Providing our customers a lifetime of quality uniform solutions

It's in our DNA. Since 1958, Ace Uniforms has crafted uniform programs for the men and women in law enforcement, military, medical, and hospitality professions. Our focus is customer service, quality and simplification. In our 62 years of existence, these three principles have become paramount to our success in the uniform industry. We'd like to share these principles with you and your organization.

We develop customized uniform programs for organizations across the nation by leveraging a vast trusted supplier network, coupled with our in-house embroidery and tailoring services. We pride ourselves on the great relationships that we have built with our customers during the decades we have served them and are now looking to expand that team.

Our Core Values
During our seven decades of serving uniformed professionals we've lived by five core values that make up who we are as a company. Our team at Ace lives by the following:

We always prioritize safety

Dedication to Respect, Communication, and Teamwork

We always do what is right, even when it's hard

Commitment to the community

Simplifying our customer's needs by providing professional, responsive, and quality service