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Cattle Driver™ Cowboy Holster-Bianchi

Cattle Driver™ Cowboy Holster

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Colt SAA andRepliasRuger vaquero Montado 4.75"
  • Coltsaa & ReplicasRuger VaqueroMontado 3.5-3.75
  • Cross Draw 20 Cant
    • 25508
    • 25509
    • 25510
    • 25511
    • 25512
    • 25513
    • 25514
    • 25515
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        Holster can be used with Smokechaser™ belt. Hidden tension adjustment, flared top, and 10(?) or 20(?) cant for cross draw carry. Kenda wears and recommends using the rig set up with one 10(?) cant holster and one 20(?) holster, together with a matching Cattle Driver™ Cowboy Belt. The belt can either be drop or straight front depending on how high on the waist the shooter prefers to wear their guns. This setup makes drawing and changing guns faster, and also helps clear the saddle.

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