We have Medical Personal Protective Equipment such as KN95 Mask, Disposable Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Goggle, and Face Shields. To place an order contact us here

Our three locations are open with regular hours to serve our Law Enforcement and Medical customers with essential uniforms and gear

Mobile Field Force/Class B & C Uniforms in stock now!
We have approved regular and alternative uniforms in stock for every department


Convert your SureFire® flashlight's white light output to red, blue, or infrared. Turn your flashlight into a flood light. Protect your flashlight's window and even completely block out any light output. You can do all of this with a SureFire slip-on or clamp-on filter, diffuser, or beam cover. The flip-up feature lets you switch from one mode to another, instantly.

NOTE: Infrared filters are unsuitable for LED white light flashlights, which produce negligible infrared radiation.