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LED Conversion Head-Safariland

LED Conversion Head

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      The KX9 LED head converts certain SureFire 9-volt incandescent flashlights and WeaponLights (models listed below) into single-output LED illumination tools that generate 800 lumens of blinding white light. The single-output KX9 features a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that produces a tight beam with plenty of reach but enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision. Because this type of beam may be desired over an extended-reach beam for some applications, the KX9 can also be used on certain nine-volt LED flashlights and WeaponLights featuring Turbohead TIR lenses (models listed below) to create a single-output beam with increased peripheral lighting for better situational awareness. In addition, the KX9 can be used to convert dual-spectrum M500V and M900V LED WeaponLights into higher-output, white-light-only systems. Constructed of hard-anodized aerospace aluminum, the rugged KX9 is O-ring sealed to keep out moisture, dust, and dirt. It installs in seconds—simply remove the existing incandescent or LED head and screw on the KX9 head. Currently available only in Black.


      • M3, M3T, M6, M3LT, M6LT
      • M96x/M97x/M98x Millennium Universal WeaponLights
      • M5xxA/M5xxAB/M5xxB/M500LT/M500V Dedicated Forend
      • WeaponLights
      • M900A/M900AB/M910A/M910AB/M900LT/M900V Vertical
      • Foregrip WeaponLights
      • 9-volt Shotgun Dedicated Forends with LM90 Housing (1.62" bezel diameter)
      • M1xx 9-volt Millennium Series Pistol Lights*

      *Will not fit factory pistol holster with KX9 attached because of added length.

      • Virtually indestructible LED generates 500 lumens of blinding white light; produces tactical-level lighting for 1.5 hours
      • Fits 3- and 6-battery 9-volt incandescent and LED flashlights and WeaponLights (see models listed above)
      • TIR lens creates smooth, single-output versatile beam with plenty of reach and surrounding light to accommodate peripheral vision
      • Construction—high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec hard anodizing; coated, tempered window
      • O-ring sealed for weatherproofing
      • Available in three colors: Black, Desert Tan, and Olive Drab Green

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