LED Lights

The Tungsten LED is small, powerful and incredibly bright. It combines a distinctive profile with a no compromise standard of quality. The reduced form factor of the Tungsten LED is made possible by a revolutionary new light engine. ASP research developed a unique technology which produces an incredible beam of brilliant white pre-focused light. A constant current driver is combined with a mathematically precise collimating cone to achieve unparalleled output. Advanced optics are coupled with a precision machined high strength aerospace aluminum housing. All surfaces are then anodized with a proprietary satin black hardcoat finish.

A center locking position guards against accidental activation of the Tungsten. Turned to the right, the switch provides constant illumination. To the left, activation is intermittent. A removable clasp allows the Tungsten to be carried in a belt case or clipped to a pocket.

The Tactical Triad was specifically designed for use with ASP Expandable Batons. It is compact, rugged and incredibility bright. Precision machined from high strength aerospace aluminum, the light is anodized with a proprietary satin black hardcoat finish. The Tactical Triad is accented by an extremely durable foamed vinyl grip. It is powered by a leak proof CR123A Lithium battery with a 10 year shelf life.

The Tactical Triad can be attached to any of the three million ASP Tactical Batons in operation worldwide. Its rotary switch is positive, yet secure from accidental activation. The metalized parabolic reflector produces a brilliant white penetrating beam of incredible brightness. The Tactical Triad may be used with or without an attached baton.